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Weihai Ocean Shipping Supply Co., Ltd., founded in 1985, is the only enterprise possessing the national authorized qualifications on international shipping supply and service in Weihai, with the licenses approved by General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China, Administration of Inspection and Quarantine of Shandong Province, Weihai Port Office, Weihai Municipal Frontier Inspection Station, Administration for Industry and Commerce of Weihai and other related departments. The company became one of members of China Friendship External Supplier Association of Commerce in 1986, International Shipsuppliers & Services Association (ISSA) in 1998 and .……

Weihai Ocean Shipping Supply Co., Ltd.






Conference of Weihai foreign ocean supply company
Weihai foreign ocean supply Co., Ltd. is an international ISSA member.
The 2013 annual commendation conference and the Spring Festival gala held in Weihai
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Bonded Oil Supply Service for Ocean Shipping for the First Time

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