Company culture

The company always regards the corporate culture as a flexible measure for enterprise management and puts it at the first place. Our party branch upholds the core values of socialism of “Honor Creditability and Science, Efficiency and Dedication, Harmony and Decorum” and corporate culture concept in the office, letting staff’s the way of thinking and way of act accord to this culture concept and form a theory and habit gradually, so that it will effectively enhance the motive power for corporate development and power of implementation and guide of our goal, policies and all rules to all staff.


Culture Content


Our Spirit: Hardworking, Innovative, Determined, Self-improving

Management Tenet: Cohere Small Homes, Develop Big Family, Serve the Country

Job Requirements: Serious, Strict, Initiative, Efficient

Work Style: Remarkable, Receivable, Reliable

Talent Concept: Value Talent and Virtue, Take the Useful as the Competent, Appoint Talent

Our Teamwork: Consensus, Synergy, Cohesion, Harmony